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Saturday, January 31, 2009

As many of you already know, you will now find the bulk of my writing, old and new, at a different site:


 If you find that hokku and its Nature-centered" approach appeals to you, you are welcome to join me at the Wordpress.com site.  You will find much there about hokku, from lessons for beginners to help for the more advanced, and of course many, many verses with commentary.

There you will also find an introductory "About" note, which I shall repeat here with some changes, for your information:

Many years ago I noticed that hokku the centuries-old Nature-based verse form was in danger of being lost and forgotten entirely. People were not only mistakenly confusing it with brief verse forms that developed later historically, but they also had seemingly no longer any real knowledge of principles and standards of hokku.   

Consequently I began teaching hokku for English-speakers, retaining the essential principles of structure and content of the best of the old old hokku, while leaving aside the non-essential. 

Modern hokku as I teach it is a continuation of the old hokku tradition that reaches back as far as the 17th century, but is now presented in an English- language context and cultural environment.

Modern hokku retains its focus on Nature and the changing seasons, and remains rooted in the non-dogmatic spirituality of old hokku.  Because of those important differences, hokku today remains quite separate from other visually similar forms of brief verse, with which it should not be confused.

Hokku is an antidote to much that is wrong with our present world the materiality, the selfishness, the greed and disrespect for Nature that have led us to the serious environmental and even social problems we face today. Hokku is a simple gift, but profound in its simplicity. If you find it speaks to your condition, I invite you to join me at the new site.

David Coomler

Posted at 10:54 am by hokku

December 18, 2009   12:45 AM PST
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July 16, 2014   02:30 AM PDT
I 100% agree with your interpretation. Thanks for the good work!

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