Entry: AS EACH PETAL FALLS Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nothing lasts, and already the plum blossoms are beginning to fall.

Buson wrote:


As each petal falls,

The branches of the plum

Grow older.


While they are blooming the branches look fresh and young.  But as the petals begin to fall, we see the twisted, black branches beneath; and the more the petals fall, the older the branches seem to become, and of course the passing of the blossoms adds to that effect as this brief moment of spring, like all things, passes.





Name cymore
April 8, 2007   04:21 PM PDT
If hokku pieces are set in one of the four seasons, does this piece reflect the transition between seasons and not one of the four seasons?
April 21, 2007   07:09 PM PDT
Cymore asks about hokku showing the four seasons, and whether this verse reflects the transition between seasons rather than one of the seasons.

The answer is that this verse reflects a transition within the season itself, a change as spring progresses.

Nothing is stable; everything changes. So even with a season there are gradual changes, things appearing and disappearing, like the plum blossoms in this verse.

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