Entry: USING THIS SITE Monday, April 23, 2007

As readers have noticed, you may now make comments on individual articles or ask questions by clicking on the "MAKE A COMMENT" link. 

Those of you who are students of hokku are welcome to use this to ask questions about your practice, about what is posted here, or about hokku in general, in addition to making any comments you might have.  Alternatively, you may also click on the "CONTACT ME" link and ask your questions privately.  There is, of course, no charge for studying hokku with me.

Some readers may not be students of hokku, but may enjoy reading the articles and verses nonetheless; I am also happy to hear from you, so feel free to comment when the mood strikes.

If your question or comment is about one of the older articles on the site, it is generally best to use the link on a more recent article, so it will be more easily called to my attention -- even though your question or comment refers to the older article.





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